Laughter is the Best Medicine

Long story short, after my last post, I finally caught the norovirus as it spread through our household.  I’m better now, but only just getting back into the kitchen.  In the meantime:

M found this for me (and then it turns out that E knows one of the actors).  I think its a hilarious, clever work with great performers.  Its a little sad that the commentors on YouTube couldn’t stop for one chuckle before getting up in arms and lecturing about food allergies.  Yes, food allergies are serious.  Yes, much of the information is incorrect.  But, also, yes, any person trying to cook for those with food allergies has probably had one of these thoughts in a moment of frustration and confusion.  And its good to have a good laugh (even at your own situation) once in a while.

Please don’t worry about the mistakes or “the message its promoting”.  Smile and, at the very least, enjoy the singing.

Theater and gluten-free…its like this video is my life. 😉

One Grain More

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