Fat Tuesday = Pancakes

It’s Fat Tuesday!  And Fat Tuesday means pancakes.  The fried bread and rich traditional foods may stem from the religious preparation for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, but I, also, would never turn down an excuse to make and eat pancakes.  I quickly threw some together this morning and they are on the menu breakfast and lunch for today.

If you forgot about pancakes, or didn’t have time this morning, there is still hope!  You can have ‘pancakes’ and a complete meal!

As I’ve mentioned before, crepes are a long tradition in my family, and as children we called them rolly-rolly pancakes (since we rolled the thin crepes up with butter and syrup).  So, at least in my mind, crepes totally count as proper pancakes.  Why don’t you have a pancake dinner tonight?  Make a batch of crepes and serve them savoury as a main course: try asparagus and parmesan; chicken, goat cheese, spinach, and sundried tomatoes; broccoli and cheddar; mushrooms in a cream sauce; eggs and ham…pretty much any combo can be wrapped in a crepe.

You can even save a few to make a sweet dessert: my favorite (and the simplest) sweet option is to serve the crepes sprinkled with lemon juice and powder sugar.  Fruit and cream or nutella would also be easy, delicious options.

Here is my great-grandmother’s crepe recipe, modified for gluten-free.  Try your hand at it tonight, and celebrate Fat Tuesday deliciously.

Do you have any Fat Tuesday plans or traditions?

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