Weekly Meal Plan for April 5-11

I survived Spring Break Camp!  I am, however, nursing a fiery sore throat as a result (I’m hoping it is due to allergies and not germs).  Spring Break Camp is one of our programs that stresses me out slightly, mainly because I headed up the planning when we revamped the program last year.  This year was quite successful, thankfully.  We may have outgrown my current model, which involves creating scripts daily for the students.  Unfortunately, writing a script for close to 20 students is a little too large of a task for one evening.  Still, this is a good problem to have!  We had a wonderful group of thirteen students with us every day, and several more who came for just one or two days.  Our students were super supportive of one another, which I always like to see.  Our older students helped the younger ones, rather than looking down at their antics.  We learned about everything from radio plays to commedia dell’arte, and the students were all eager to participate each day.  I loved their enthusiasm for each new topic!


I had the entire weekend off, since our Saturday students are still on Spring Break.  I ended up sleeping for most of Saturday, in spite of my best intentions to clean the house.  Sunday was devoted to family and Easter prep, and then on Monday, M and I went to Ikea.  He needed a new desk and I needed patio furniture.  Luckily we were both successful.  The new desk means that there is finally space for my second pantry! (Pantry #1=baking supplies/spices/sauces, Pantry #2=booze/wine/snacks/canned goods.)  Since I now have pantry space, I can now move everything into the pantry and free up a bookshelf, a cabinet, the top of the fridge, and half of a kitchen drawer.  This is huge!  In my snug little kitchen, I am super happy to have even a tiny bit more room to spread out.


We found our patio furniture and tested it out last night.  I had high hopes for this table and it did not disappoint me!  It has two, full-sized fold-out leaves.  When it is set up fully, it is almost the size of a regular table and can seat six people cozily.  But with both leaves folded down, it can slot in between our two deck chairs to serve as a side table!  This is perfect for our tiny patio.  Flexibility is the key to that space.  We purchase two chairs and two stools to go alongside the table.  We can also pull our dining room chairs when we have enough people over.


Alright, onto the meal plan.  So far, I have followed it to a “T” (unlike last week, when we traded the Buffalo Cauliflower Bites for dinner at M’s mum’s house).

Meal Plan for April 5-11

Sunday: EASTER!–Leg of Lamb with mint sauce and a red wine gravy, roasted new potatoes with mojo verde sauce, dijon-glazed carrots, sauteed asparagus, popovers, and kale salad.  My mom made a GF lemon-ricotta cheesecake for dessert.

Monday: Out to dinner!  M and I worked our schedules around so that we had a day off together, including going out to eat.  We went to Sweetwater Tavern with a coupon for a free appetizer (Chicken Queso).  M had ribs, I had the seared Tuna salad.  And unbeknownst to us, Monday night is 1/2-priced bottle of wine night!  Bonus!

Tuesday: Spaghetti, Roasted Artichokes, Brie+Crackers.  I tested the infamous Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter (very nice and very simple–we did add salt and pepper).  Through an odd twist of fate, I now have four opened boxes of crackers in my house, so I am trying to use those up as well.

WednesdayChicken Sausages & Onions, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw Lamb Curry a la M.  My original dinner was intended to use up the rest of our Easter leftovers (excluding the lamb), but M just informed me that he is making curry tonight and I won’t turn down a night off of dinner duty!  Plus, his dinner uses up the same time-sensitive ingredients, and I can keep the rest in the freezer for another time.

Thursday: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with french fries and celery.  We never made this dish last week, so I am recycling.

Friday: Cheese Plate: brie, goat cheese, chicken sausages, olives, artichokes, crackers, kumquats, chutney.  Cleaning out the fridge again!  And eating more crackers.

Saturday: Leftovers.  If we’ve somehow managed to power through all of our leftovers by Saturday, I have all of the ingredients on hand to make up a Shepherd’s Pie.

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