Product Review: Let’s Go Picnic-king

Disclaimer: I have not received any promotions, gifts, or reimbursements for this review.  I paid full store-price for these items of my own volition and was quite satisfied; enough to share it with you.

Have you seen GoPicnic SnackBoxes?  I stumbled across them in my local Target and have been overjoyed ever since.  GoPicnic creates shelf-stable meal boxes (ranging from about 200-400 calories per box) containing real brand-name products to create a perfect on-the-go meal.  Because all of the different foods within the box are individually wrapped, you can snack on them throughout the day or all at once for a solid meal.  They first caught my eye because I recognized the image of Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers.  A gluten-free snack box made with products I already know, love, and trust?  It was the Hummus + Crackers box that first caught my eye.  When I checked the label, not only was it gluten-free, it was also all-natural, vegan, and kosher.

The shelf was lined with 5 of the 6 different gluten-free boxes that GoPicnic offers (two more, gluten-full boxes were also on the shelf).  GoPicnic offers: Hummus+Crackers, Sunbutter+ Crackers, Turkey Pepperoni+Cheese (plus crackers), Turkey Stick+Crunch, Tuna+Crackers, and Salmon+Crackers all of which are gluten-free.  I have tried all of the boxes except the Tuna and the Salmon (I have Tuna waiting for the next time I’m in need of lunch, and the Salmon was not in stock) and been exceptionally pleased with each item.  GoPicnic also offer boxes that are Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, and All-Natural (often a mixture of several dietary preferences.  Their Sunbutter + Crackers box is delicious and (bonus!) free from 7 top allergens (wheat, dairy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and egg) in addition to begin Vegan, All-Natural, and Gluten-free.  The ingredients also do not contain soy, though some are process on shared machinery that is thoroughly cleaned between processing soy and non-soy products.

To see a collection of companies coming together to provide for such wide breadth of food sensitivities and life-styles made me incredibly happy.  As I may have mentioned, I am quite pleased to see a noticeable rise in gluten-free items consistently stocked in Target’s Grocery section.  The prices of most products are comparable to any other store, and the reliability of a stocked product is often better than most non-specialty groceries.  My Target actually sells the boxes for less than the price-per-box online (and they were on sale the last time I was shopping), so I would first check at your local store and compare prices.

These boxes are absolutely crucial, especially within my current lifestyle.  Since I’m driving around between four different jobs at the moment, spending a minimum of 1.5 hours in the car each day, I often don’t have time for a solid sit-down meal.  Add on early mornings interfering with my lunch-packing, and the trouble finding gluten-free fast-food options (let alone worrying about the actual healthiness of those fast-food items), and my waistline and stress-level are increasing much more than I would like.  Since all of GoPicnic’s boxes are shelf-stable, I can keep one or two in the car for those especially busy or munchie days.  I love knowing that the ingredients are more healthy and more portion-appropriate than nearly anything I could buy at a fast-food restaurant.

I would highly recommend this product.  Look out for them in stores near you!