When I have a day off, all alone

Things like this happen:

Unfortunately, I do not have a recipe, because these were a pain and a half to make.  See the un-chocolated/frosted ones at the bottom…I got bored of being bored halfway through.  To keep the story short, I picked the wrong type of dough, one that was barely meant to be rolled out, let alone to make cut-out cookies.  I also constructed the large ones out of two circle cookie-cutters and my fingers.  Which subsequently melted the dough.  I covered up the cookies with melted chocolate, and sprinkled either sliced almonds, chocolate jimmies (sprinkles), chopped pecans or orange zest.  Delicious, but nothing really to write home about.  The was one shining moment in the day, though:  Look at those baby hedgehogs.  Perfection, yes?  HOLLY LEAF COOKIE CUTTER!  I know.

That is all.  Please go play.  Make mistakes.  Pick the wrong dough and stubbornly push on with your plans until you finally give up and smoosh the last handful of it onto the sheet pan in vaguely cookie-shaped piles.  Breathe.  Decide to cover the cookies with chocolate to make yourself feel better.  Be reminded that you need your kitchen counter to be six inches higher, but until then you will inevitably end up with a knot between your shoulder blades.  Give up on frosting and fill the last few with peanut butter, nutella, jam, and any other spread you can find in the fridge.  Eat cookies.  Feel better.

Or, you know…follow a recipe.  But sometimes that is a little boring.